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Name:Guy Palmer
Birthdate:Dec 25
Location:5th Avenue, New York, United States of America
Website:# dreamlikenewyork

Guy Ariel Palmer probably should have been born a girl, and definitely should have been born anywhere but Texas. There is a long-running family joke that his mother giving him the middle name after The Little Mermaid triggered it, but there was no doubt that from as young as he could comprehend, he has been attracted to all things feminine, girly, glitzy and glamour. On the flipside, his twin sister, Cate, was his polar opposite and grew up to be a masculine lesbian who now works as a motocycle mechanic for Harley Davidson. Somewhere along the line, gene pool clearly got its wires crossed. As a result, unlike a lot of twins, Guy and Cate were never very close. They tolerated each other, and when they stole each other's toys, there was never fights because they other always had what they preferred anyway. There wasn't sibling rivarly, but there wasn't a close bond either. Now they're grown, they live on opposite sides of the country, share an occasional email and see each other on holidays or family gatherings... the ones they bother to turn up to anyway. Guy never had much of a connection with anyone in his family, instead spending more time with their Texan neighbours, Zac Parsons and his brother, Brendan's, family.

In fact, it was through the Parsons family that Guy met Mitchell Marcus, who was the younger brother of Brendan's best friend, Ben. The Parsons family had a big Fourth of July barbecue the summer before Guy was to start high school and the Marcus boys were, of course, invited along also. Guy and Mitch spotted each other across the crowded backyard, and it was during the fireworks, they snuck off unnoticed and ended up making out pretty extensively behind the garage. Prior to that, they had been inseparable at the barbecue, sitting off together and chatting the entire time, bonding over the fact they were both twins, where they discovered they would actually be going to the same high school together. Mitch was the first to confess quietly to Guy that he was nervous about starting high school, because he thought he might be into guys, and that really wasn't the done thing to do where they grew up. Guy felt like he found a kindred spirit or something, and to reassure Mitch, admitted he might be the same (the magenta cardigan, lavender button up, pastel scarf, and purple pants clearly weren't what he felt as a dead giveaway at the time). At the end of the night, they traded numbers, and ended up spending the rest of the summer hanging out, chatting online, and emailing constantly.

They officially started dating, or at least got to the point of labelling what was probably already dating, in junior year when Mitch came out to his friends and family. Guy was much more reluctant, despite the fact his effeminate nature and flamboyant attire seemed obvious enough. He was scared to come out. He was jealous Mitch and the Parsons boys had the guts to do it, but Mitch told him he didn't have to do anything he wasn't ready for. They could still be together and didn't need it public. Even Guy's sister beat him out of the closet, but with all the rumours of homophobia and gay bashing, not to mention the fact he was already regularly teased and taunted, he didn't pluck up the courage in school. He was the son of a Police Lieutenant and a librarian politician. The last thing he wanted to do was land them with a 'fag' for a son. Even if that was what he was.

Around the time they began officially dating, Guy and Mitch joined the photography club together to give them an excuse to spend more time together. Guy loved photography and had been dabbling in it since he was given his first camera for his eighth birthday. It was a talent his mom, a booklover, encouraged because all her daughter seemed to be interested in was getting dirty, cars, sports, and fart jokes. Guy would eventually go on to entwine his love for fashion and glamour with his passion and talent for photography, but it was a tough road to get there. Mitch thought Guy's talent was spectacular and he encouraged Guy to follow his dreams, telling him he could be one of the top photographers in the world. Guy had albums and albums of photos of Mitch, not to mention all their dates, all the little things that made them who they were. He even ended up taking up scrapbooking just so his albums weren't box standard, and as a result, he developed a real artistic eye and a flare for his own unique style. Mitch, on the other hand, didn't know what he wanted to do. He was sort of just average at most things, never really figuring out where he belonged, so when Guy started to talk about dreams of leaving Texas to go to New York just so he could finally be himself, Mitch was happy to begin plans to tag along.

Mitch figured he would decide what he wanted to do once he got to New York and had a whole new world opened to him. With his grades and elaborate portfolio, Guy got accepted into the top three photography colleges he chose... Yale, Rochester Institute of Technology, and California Institute of the Arts. He accepted Rochester because it was in New York, and completed a three year Bachelor of Fine Arts, whilst Mitch got a job as a floristry assistant, and discovered how much he loved the industry, which led him to his boss sponsoring him to begin a course to become a Florist. But he never got to finish. Just three months out of completing his course, and on the day of his first big job of doing flowers for a New York socialite's wedding at The Plaza, Mitch disappeared without a trace. All his clothes were left, there was no note, his cell phone was left by the kettle in the kitchen of the puny apartment he shared with Guy. He's never been seen since.

Guy felt like his world fell apart, and suddenly New York was a painful place for him to be. He didn't know whether he should go home to Texas, or stay in New York to try to function without his other half. In a rash move, when he woke up one day in bed alone, he bought a ticket to Paris to get him as far away from New York as he could tolerate. It turned out to be best move of his life, because like a spark that triggered wildfire, his photography talent was seen by the right person in Paris, and he soon found himself working alongside one of French Vogue's top photographers, and she began to teach him everything she knew and enrolled in the Spéos School of Studio Photography in Paris. Drowning out the constant loss and emptiness he felt not knowing what happened to Mitch by existing to work was the only way he could keep his head above water, and all his hard work paid off.

He is now one of the top Fashion Photographers in the USA, with his own studio in New York City. His images have graced the covers of Vogue and GQ on the regular, and he has at least four covers of FABULOUS magazine a year, with an exclusive contract with Rian Ambrose's label, Ambrosiere. He photographs celebrity fashion features, and is a front row guest at New York Fashion Week. However, he has always had a vast interest in charity, and along with stylist, Rhett George, owns a charity that gives makeovers, a shopping spree, and a glamour studio photography packages to ladies who have had mastectomies and recovering from breast cancer to help them get back in touch with their inner goddess after the battle of their surgery and chemotherapy.

Guy is the absolute epitome of a sassy gay bitch. He has managed to collect an impressive group of female friends who teasingly call themselves his 'fag hag harem', and he thinks they're all fabulous and loves them all to bits. In his spare time, he shops, shops, and shops again, unless he's lunching with friends or frequenting gay clubs... where he teases, but never puts out. He has never been with anyone since Mitch, and without the knowledge of what happened to Mitch, and never getting any closure, he has never been able to let himself believe that Mitch won't come home to him... one day.

"I don't wanna close my eyes, I don't wanna fall asleep
'Cause I'd miss you, baby, and I don't wanna miss a thing"

{ Don't Wanna Miss a Thing by Aerosmith }

Guy exists for musebox/PSL, ♥ dreamlikenewyork.
He is an original character for RP purposes only. PB is Jake Robinson.
No infringement intended, for fun only.

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